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How much $$$ is the Congo getting?

Further to a posting from a few days ago, I’ve tried to summarize the amount of donor aid going to the DR Congo.

In the budget proposal for 2010, the Congolese government is counting on $2,1 billion in donor aid from abroad, constituting around 48% of the budget. For the first time, their biggest donor is China:

  • China: $980 million
  • World Bank: $927 million
  • African Development Bank: $81 million
  • European Union: $69 million
  • Other bilateral donors: $41 million (more information on the Budget Ministry’s website)

That is donor aid that is included in the official budget, which does not include aid going directly to humanitarian organizations or projects in the field.

For 2008, the total amount of humanitarian aid to the Congo was $646 million (more info at the Financial Tracking Service website.)

MONUC’s budget for July 2009-June 2010 is $1,350 billion.

If we assume that humanitarian aid to the Congo stays at par for 2010 and that the donor promises to the Congo are kept, then the total amount of donor giving to the DRC is around $4 billion for 2010.

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