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Dongo: We enter the fantasyland of fakirs and napalm

Ambroise Lobala, the self-proclaimed spokesperson for the shadowy Patriotes Resistants du Congo (PRC) rebels, who claims to control the troops that have been fighting against the Congolese army in Equateur since October 2009, appears to have flipped his cookies.

Here is an excerpt from a press statement he published two days ago, where he talks about the recent fighting in northern Congo. The press and MONUC reported that 157 rebels were killed in this fighting around Christmas. Not so, Lobala retorts (my translation):

“2. The Battle of Saint Sylvestre
From 29th December 2009 to 1st January 2010, the Enyele combatant forces of the Patriotes Resistants du Congo were involved in violent fighting with a heterogeneous international coalition. This coalition was composed of:

  • 500 Belgian special forces dressed in MONUC uniforms;
  • Rwandan regular army troops
  • Indian mercenaries, including [yes, indeed] fakirs and magicians, all of whom are dead;
  • Chinese mercenaries;


The outcome of this battle was catastrophic for the enemy, who only had several Belgian survivors who fled Enyele.[…]

3. The Use of Non-Conventional Weapons

Due to the significant losses in the field and the panic that took over the ranks of the coalition of his accomplices, and pursuing his logic of chaos in Equateur as well as throughout the whole of the national territory, the Rwandan impostor Joseph Kabila has ordered the use of non-conventional weapons as well as weapons of mass destruction along all of the Equateur front lines, especially on the front line in Dongo, which has become the graveyard of Rwandans, the Congolese army and its accomplices. This goes especially for bombs and napalm, a large stock of which just arrived in Gemena. The goal is to burn down all of the villages in the conflict zone, leading to the massacre of villagers without discrimination, under the approving eye of MONUC.

Signed in Libenge, January 9th, 2010

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