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Worst name for a construction project?

Ad companies in the Congo apparently have a sense of humor.

Or are they are just plain stupid?

Here’s a picture in downtown Kinshasa of a new state-of-the-art office building that is supposed to go up. Its name: Titanic. Great. In between two pictures of the planned building (that is nothing more than a mound of dirt for the moment), is a portrait of President Kabila that says: “Modern Titanic” and “The Congo, soon the mirror of Africa.”

Makes you wonder whether any of the managers of the project have seen the movie.

More information about the Modern Construction Congo company and its various projects can be found here. It apparently belongs to several Indian businessmen who have worked in aviation in the Congo. This is almost as great as the mega-project of creating a mini-Dubai in the Congo river, the Cite du Fleuve, which can be seen. Vraiment.

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