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List of armed groups in the Kivus

Armed groups in the eastern Congo are like brooms in Disney’s (Goethe) Sorcerer’s Apprentice: They just seem to keep multiplying. This is my effort to come up with a decent list of armed groups in the Kivus.

CNDP(split) Gen Bosco Taganda Gen Laurent Nkunda Philippe Gafishi Col Sultan Makenga3,000-4,000 integrated 1,000-2,000 unitegratedControl the Masisi highlands between Ngungu and MwesoProtect Tutsi community Protect interests of local elites (land, cows, businesses)
FDLRGen Sylvestre Mudacumura3,000-4,000Deployed in rural areas throughout rural South and North Kivu and Maniema.Extract resources, maintain ideology overthrowing RPF but little hope
ACPLSGen Janvier Buingo Comd Innocent Balume Comd Innocent Dunga500-2,000Centered around Nyabiondo, western Masisi.Protect local Hunde community, in particular against ex-CNDP troops.
Mai-Mai ChekaColonel Cheka50-200Based around Mubi and Njigala, WalikaleBenefit from taxation rackets and put pressure on mining companies workin in the Bisie mine.
PARECOGen Ntasibanga ?300-1,000Lubero/Masisi territory 
FPLC“Gen.” Gadi Ngabo200-500In Rutshuru territory and UgandaGalvanize former CNDP officers, obtain backing from Uganda.
UJPSTumai Byamungu, official in ministry of interior500-1,000No permanently located troops, mostly within FARDCMostly kadogo from the AFDL era, multi-ethnic
Mai-Mai MongolBigembe Nturinkukiko Felicien Miganda Dieudonne Shobora500-1,500In southern MasisiComposed of Hutu Partially integrated into FARDC
Mai-Mai KifuafuaColonel Delphin Mbaende Didier Bitaki Colonel Akilimali300-1,000In southern Masisi territoryPartially integrated into FARDC Mostly Hunde and Tembo
Mai-Mai SimbaColonel Marhegane100-200 (?)Around Miti, Kabare territoryA split off from the former Mudundu 40 group
FRFGen Venant Bisogo Gen Michel Rukunda100-300In Biabo forest, Fizi territory 
Mai Mai YakutumbaCol Yakutumba150-250Around Baraka, Fizi territoryStrong anti-Tutsi ideology Collaboration with FDLR Mostly from Bembe community
Raia MutombokiPolitical representative: Gilbert Ngongo of South Kivu provincial assembly100-1,000Shabunda territoryA self-defense group with little capacity that lies dormant most of the time
Jeshi la Uma 100-300Shabunda territory 
Mai Mai ZabuloniColonel Zabuloni (now in Bukavu, leadership struggle)50-150Rusizi plains, moyen plateau of Uvira territoryLittle coherent ideology Soldier mostly from Fuliro community
Mai Mai KirikichoColonel Kirikicho50-200 (?)In high plateau of Kalehe territory, BunyakiriDeclared over 1,300 combatants but none entered integration process Poorly organized and disciplined
Mai Mai NyakiribaColonel Nyakiriba100-200Around Kasika, Mwenga territoryNot very active
Mai Mai KapopoColonel Kapopo200-400Around Miki, Mwenga territoryNot very active
Mai-Mai Kyatende“General” Kyatende Dittman50-200Southern ShabundaKyatende was the manager of the Muungano soccer team in Bukavu and was married to a German women before he decided to start an armed rebellion in 2010.
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