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World Cup, Rwandan shuffle and troop movements

Some news:

  • Joseph Kabila is on his way to South Africa to attend a few World Cup games (the Congolese team is not represented) and to meet with President Zuma. Kabila had some rocky times with the new president, having backed the Mbeki faction during the internal battle within the ANC last year.
  • After arresting some of its most senior army staff and having other flee into exile, the Rwandan government has promoted others. They include Emmanuel Ndahiro, the head of the National Security Service; Jill Rutaremara, the army spokesperson; and Richard Masozera, the Director General of the Civil Aviation Authority (yes, he is an army staff member) and former head of immigration. According to sources within the Rwandan security services, the arrest of General Karenzi Karake and General Muhire came after the former was named as the commander of an officers’ training school and the latter as the head of the reserve force. They apparently perceived these nominations as demotions and protested. Other recent people who have been shuffled around are Lt Col Joseph Nzabamwita, the former head of external intelligence who is now apparently a commander in Gisenyi, and Francois Ngarambe, the former secretary-general of the RPF who is being sent as ambassador to China.
  • Confusing troop movements continue around Kilolirwe in Masisi territory, where ex-CNDP forces are reported to be engaging with FPLC forces belonging to Gad Ngabo.
  • Last, but never least, Raise Hope for Congo is a compilation album that was released this week. Mos Def, Staff Benda Bilili, Norah Jones and Ozomatli rock hard for the Congo.
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