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More fissures in the Rwandan army?

Two items of interest:

  • The Rwandan government has arrested General Jean Bosco Kazura, the head of its football federation (the Rwandan government often names influential army commanders as the head of its football association). He had apparently gone off to South Africa for the World Cup without asking for proper authorization. He came back and was promptly arrested. I don’t know much about Kazura’s background, other than that he was the deputy commander of the AU force in Darfur, which means he spent quite a bit of time with General Karenzi Karake, who was also arrested recently. Kazura is a Rwandan Tutsi who grew up in exile in Burundi.
  • Diplomats have confirmed that the Rwandan army has sent up a communications listening post 25km north of Goma on the Congo-Rwanda border. The purpose (according to what Rwandan officers themselves told the diplomats) is to monitor communications of Rwandan officers who defected to join the FPLC of Gad Ngabo in the Congo.
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