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Integration of the CNDP

Some more nominations of local administrators in North Kivu have been made to further the integration of the CNDP. Here are the changes:

  • Nzaba Matabaro (Hutu), the former CNDP administrator of Nyanzale (75 km NW of Goma) became chef de poste of Chengero (90 km NE of Goma);
  • Salomon Nkundimana (Tutsi), the former chef de cité for CNDP in Bunagana (95 km NE of Goma) was made chef de poste at Ishasha (140 km N of Goma);
  • Jean-Louis Kulu Musubao (Nande), the former chef de cité for CNDP in Kiwanja (7 km N of Rutshuru) became chef de poste at Kibirizi (155 km NW of Goma).
  • Meanwhile, Léandre Munyarusisiro (Tutsi) was made chef de poste at Bishusha (approximately 85 km NW of Goma) where he had been the CNDP administrator.

These changes come several days after the CNDP also got the deputy administrator of Masisi position. In theory, these nominations should be followed by the dismantling of the parallel CNDP administration based in Mushaki, as well as the lifting of all parallel taxes and roadblocks. While some roadblocks have been lifted, CNDP agents continue to levy taxes in many places in Masisi.

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