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Gad Ngabo arrested

Numerous sources in Uganda indicate that Gad Ngabo, the leader of the FPLC rebellion that is based on the Ugandan-Congolese border around Ishasha, has been arrested in Kampala. Gad’s troops have been fighting with ex-CNDP units in the Congolese army around Kitchanga over the past few weeks, and have been accused of ambushing aid convoys in Rutshuru territory.   My blog posting on Gad’s background can be read here.   Gad also plays an important role in the increasingly confusing regional dynamics, as sources within the Rwandan government have suspected that Gad might be backed by Nkunda’s former allies who are angry about their leader’s arrest in Kigali. As these Nkunda supporters have also been accused by Kigali of being linked to the grenade attacks in Kigali, as well as to General Kayumba Nyamwasa – of South Africa failed assassination attempt fame – Gad’s arrest would be significant.

The arrest could suggest that Uganda had decided to de-escalate tensions with Rwanda and help their former rivals cool down tempers before the elections there in August.In the past, Uganda has accused Rwanda of backing its opposition (Kizza Besigye), while Kigali thinks its neighbor has been too complacent towards its own opposition.   As a reminder, Rwanda had deployed troops to the Ugandan border in past days, although it is not clear if that was related in any way to Gad’s arrest.

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