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  • Scott Straus and Lars Waldorf published this article on The Huffington Post about whither Rwanda. Scott wrote a seminal book on the Rwandan genocide and teaches as U of Wisconsin, while Lars used to be the Human Rights Watch researcher on Rwanda and is currently senior lecturer at York Law School.
  • Further to my flurry of articles on authoritarianism and economic growth, Dani Rodrik from Harvard’s Kennedy School just wrote on “The Myth of Authoritarian Growth” at Project Syndicate here.
  • Alongside Zimbabwe and Rajoelina, the investigation into Floribert Chebeya’s death was a matter of debate at the AU jubilee summit in Windhoek this week, with NGOs pushing for an independent investigation. Their letter here.
  • Alexis Sinduhije, leader of the MSD opposition party in Burundi, published this Op-Ed in the East African this week, condemning the rigged elections and clamp down on civil society in Bujumbura.
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