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Bosco is up to no good

Following in a very timely fashion, Human Rights Watch put out a call for Bosco Ntaganda’s arrest today, just a day after another ICC-indictee, Callixte Mbarushimana, was nabbed in Paris.

I recommend reading HRW’s press statement – it includes a lot of information on tensions within the CNDP. They report that Bosco may have been involved in the assassination of 8 people this year, most of them CNDP members he has fallen out with.

Taken in the context of reports from the UN (who heard it straight from the mouth of the Congolese army commander) that Bosco has been suspended from his position in the army and rumors that he no longer has the backing of high-ranking officials in Kigali and Kinshasa, HRW could be pushing on an open door. Let’s hope so.

(In this context, also see Reuters’ nice interview from last week with the man himself, who insists that he is still the deputy commander of Amani Leo, much to MONUSCO’s chagrin.)

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