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Addendum: Constitutional Revision

The exact vote count (h/t Rich) on the constitutional revision was 334 for, 1 against and 2 abstentions. The rest of the MPs apparently walked out in protest.

For those looking for the actual proposed revisions, you can find them in two parts here and here along with the government’s justification. They have proposed revising eight articles:

  • the election of the president (one round instead of two)
  • allowing MPs who become ministers and then lose their job to go back to being MPs
  • allowing the government to obtain provisional credits if the budget isn’t voted in time
  • placing the prosecutor’s office (parquet) under the authority of the minister of justice
  • allowing the president to dissolve the provincial assemblies and revoke governors
  • giving the power to the president to call a referendum
  • postponing the creation of 26 provinces out of the current 11
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