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Videos of the main electoral contenders

A few recent interviews of Kamerhe, Tshisekedi and Kabila.

Kamerhe speaks on TeleSud for an hour about himself and Lula, Kabila’s deal with Rwanda and how a parallel government runs the country.

Tshisekedi speaks on France 24 about how foreign countries imposed Kabila as winner in 2006 and how some still influence the country today; he also says that he will run in the election because he doesn’t want to be accused again of sitting the elections out.

Finally, Kabila can be seen here giving his New Year’s 2010/2011 speech. He says “all the fundamentals are in place,” “the future has never been so bright,” and mentions debt relief and the infrastructure rehabilitation.

For anyone who can get through all those, you are allowed to watch this gem: Bemba and Kabila ice-skating. I seem to remember that their duo in March 2007 in Kinshasa didn’t go this well:

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