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UNC members arrested, regional military meet

  • According to diplomatic and NGO sources, two members of Kamerhe’s UNC party have been arrested in Kindu. According to these sources, the charge against them is insulting the head of state, although one victim says he was initially simply accused of walking in front the PPRD party headquarters with a UNC T-Shirt. He was beaten up by PPRD members before being handed over to the police. This is reportedly the seventh time in a month that a UNC member has been intimidated, arrested or threatened.
  • A meeting took place in Kigali this week of defense ministers and intelligence officials from Rwanda, Burundi and the DR Congo. Officials at the meeting denounced a new coalition of armed groups in the region that includes the FDLR, the FPLC, Mai-Mai Yakutumba and Sheka, as well as the participation of Col. Karegeya and Gen. Kayumba and even Al-Shabaab. These two Rwandan dissidents have in the past denied any involvement in military activity. The countries say they will set up various commissions to share information, create extradition agreements and set up a “joint operational protocol for defense and mutual security.” It is not clear what this last point means, but according to sources close to the meeting, the countries may once again be considering joint military operations on Congolese soil.
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