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Rift Valley Course on the Great Lakes this summer in Bujumbura

We will be teaching a course this summer on the politics and history of the Great Lakes in Bujumbura from July 9-15. It is a lot of fun – we have some of the foremost experts on the region coming to teach. Last year, we had diplomats, humanitarian officials, academics and journalists attend.

This year the teaching staff includes Isidore Ndaywel (leading Congolese historian), David Newbury, Catharine Newbury, Willy Nindorera (ICG analyst on Burundi), Filip Reytjens, Pascal Kambale (leading Congolese lawyer), myself and 5-6 others. We have around six presentations a day, and debates and discussion that spill over into drinks and dinner.

For more information, see the pamphlet below and email

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