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Updated election registration figures

The election commission just published the latest registration figures. Bas Congo and Maniema, where registration has been completed with 1,4 million and 874,000 respectively, are not on this list.

Note that two Congolese human rights groups – including Asadho, one of the oldest in the country – came out today in support of a postponement of elections, arguing that it will be impossible to hold the polls by November 28th and a mad rush to do just that might end up in botched elections. This comes after Crisis Group made a similar argument a month ago. The Congolese groups say that we might need anywhere between one and two years more to hold decent polls.


Nord KivuSud KivuKinshasaTotal
Voters expected4.241.3262.457.4533.555.7023.584.9822.437.1083.927.1232.968.2972.009.3363.573.39928.754.726
Voters registered3.304.3962.003.0471.728.9291.756.5361.569.1431.764.5851.354.7241.007.750293.11514.782.225
Registration centers7786759109229277722863055436.118
Accredited observers1.1365241.0903742.3783391.0621.0749188.895
Accredited witnesses7.5275.7162.6012.9784.0053.8481.5942.504      1.15431.927
Accredited journalists19976908516287569513863
Dates of operations9 march to 6 June 20112 April to 1 July 20117 May to 5 July 2011 
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