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Sources of election information

Addition: I had forgotten to mention the wonderful blog/website Local Voices that has been reporting from Bunyakiri (South Kivu) for the entire election period, including pictures and interviews.

In preparation for the big day, here are some important sources of information on the elections:

2006 elections:

I’ve uploaded the following documents here:

  • an Excel break-down of the 2006 presidential results by province: 1st round (slight incomplete, go to “Province Wise” for best view;
  • an Excel break-down of the 2006 presidential results by province: 2nd round (go to “Province Wise” for best view;
  • a nice analysis of the first round presidential results by Léon de Saint Moulin and Eléonore Wolff, along with a series of good maps;
  • an Excel spreadsheet of current national assembly members and their political affiliation;
  • an Excel spreadsheet of current senators with their political affiliation;
  • an analysis of the parliamentary elections of 2006 by Jean-Claude Willame;
  • an analysis of the 2006 provincial elections by MONUC;
  • the electoral law (2011 revised version);
  • the amended electoral law with distribution of seats in parliament (August 2011);

In addition, check out the following websites:

  •  The Congolese election commission (CENI) has a list of all voters, candidates and polling booths here;
  • The Congolese civil society coalition AETA (Agir pour les élections transparentes et apaisées)  has regular updates on its website;
  • Now African, a website run by two Congolese activists (Priscilla Kounkou Hoveyda and Camille Ntoto) featuring blogs on how Congolese in the East perceive elections;
  • Alex Engwete (aka Jimmy Yuma) has an excellent blog on Congolese politics and culture from the ground up;
  • Mutaani FM, a Congolese radio station broadcasting from Goma with a good website ;
  • Congolese journalist Mvemba Dizolele has a good blog here;
  • Uhaki News, a group of 25 Congolese female journalists reporting on local issues in the East;
  • Amy Ernst has a good blog on her work for a local NGO in the eastern Congo, as well as ruminations on Congolese politics and history from a local perspective;
  • Congo Ba Leki, a grouping of young Congolese bloggers. Unfortunately, they haven’t had any postings since October.
  • For a look at Kasai, Le Grand Kasai has a blog here;
  • I am sure Laura Seay will be blogging on the elections from Texas in Africa;
  • The official campaign websites of Etienne Tshisekedi, Vital Kamerhe, and Joseph Kabila;
  • And of course, the incomparable Radio Okapi, the UN radio in the country.
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