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Legislative results

I did a quick back-of-the-envelope analysis to figure out how many seats Kabila’s presidential coalition has won. The problem is, the president’s strategy was to multiply the number of parties in his coalition, so now it’s difficult to see through the thicket of parties to understand where their allegiances lie.

If I’m not mistaken, a total of 94 parties have won seats, along with numerous independent candidates. (The full list is here). Based on the April charter of the majorité présidentielle, along with public statements, I figure that Kabila’s coalition has won at least 245 seats so far, out of the 424 announced. Of course, coalitions could shift, and these are only provisional results, based on a charter in April that was quickly made obsolete by the emergence of many new parties supporting Kabila. The majorité présidentielle has already declared that they have more than 250 seats.

Also, I am sure many will contest the results given the many reported incidents of fraud, we are still awaiting 76 seats to be announced, and 7 electoral districts have seen their vote cancelled.

Here are the main parties:

Kabila’s coalition:

PPRD (Led by Evariste Boshab) 58 seats
PPPD (Ngoma Binda) 27
MSR (Pierre Lumbi) 25
PALU (Antoine Gizenga) 16
ARC (Olivier Kamitatu) 14
AFDC (Modeste Bahati) 12
ECT 10
MIP (Colette Tshomba) 9
PDC (José Endundo) 7
UNAFEC (Kyungu wa Kumwanza)
UNADEF (Charles Mwando Simba) 6
UDCO (Banza Mukalay) 6
ADH (Jean-Claude Baende) 5
NAD (Athanase Matenda) 5
CCU (Lambert Mende) 5
COFEDEC (Venant Tshipasa) 4
Plus many smaller parties….


UDPS (Etienne Tshisekedi) 34
MLC (Jean-Pierre Bemba) 20
UNC (Vital Kamerhe) 16
UFC (Kengo wa Dondo) 3
UDECF (Pierre Pay-Pay) 4
ATD (José Makila) 4
Plus other smaller parties…

I may have gotten something wrong, feel free to correct me.

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