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June 2019 – Monthly report on Kasaï

Our second monthly report on the Kasaï region analyzes the political tensions that have punctuated this part of the Democratic Republic of Congo during the month of June. Whether in Kasaï, Kasaï Central, or Sankuru, the political situation was characterized by tensions within the ruling coalition, composed of Cap pour le changement (CACH) of president Felix Tshisekedi and the Front commun pour le Congo (FCC) of his “partner in the handover of power” Joseph Kabila.

In some places, these political differences have been mainly due to the problem of underrepresentation of certain political parties in provincial governments. This is the case in Kasaï Central. Elsewhere, in the province of Kasaï, there was a similar crisis, but with a strong ethnic dimension. This is a situation that can be explained by the province’s historical and sociological particularities. In Sankuru, the election of the governor has still not happened.

Read the full report by clicking on the following link.

This second monthly report on Kasaï also discusses the humanitarian and security situation, which remains concerning. It has been characterized by continued urban insecurity in Kananga, among other things.

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