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July 2019 – Monthly Report on Kasaï

Our third monthly report on the Kasaï region looks at political instability in Kasaï, Kasaï Central, and Sankuru provinces. In Kasaï, we analyze the political impact of Evariste Boshab’s defeat in the senate vice presidency on his protégé, governor Dieudonné Pieme, and on local politics in his home territory of Mweka. Kasaï Central continues to experience political turmoil under governor Martin Kabuya, whose management of the civil service appears to be characterized by arbitrary hiring and firings. And his blocking of seven train cars of corn from Mweka that were headed to Mbuji Mayi at Kananga station caused an interprovincial political dispute. In Sankuru, former communication minister Lambert Mende was defeated in the governor’s election. We analyze how his loss came as a result of his widespread unpopularity.

To read the full report, click here.

Finally, we also look at the human rights situation in the region, including the recent report by the UN team of human rights experts.

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