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Kigali-Kampala beef?

The following is from a story in the Ugandan online newspaper Uganda Record:

Rwandan intelligence officers that Uganda Record sources have spoken to seem to believe that the bombings were by Ugandan intelligence. They say so matter-of-factly.

I have heard from Rwandan security officers that President Museveni suspects Rwandan involvement in the bombings, or at least that Rwanda is exacerbating the situation somehow.

The Ugandan journalist who published the above story, Tim Kalyegira, was briefly arrested by the police on charges of sedition. According to Kalyegira’s lawyer, the police went through his phone and papers, apparently interested in seeing if he had contacts with Rwandan security services.

Kalyegira is not known for being a partisan of the RPF. A few weeks ago, he published this article critical of Rwanda.

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