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TshiTshi returns

Tshisekedi arrived in Kinshasa yesterday after three years in « medical exile. » There is some debate about how many people showed up to greet him at the airport and along the 20km of road between Ndjili airport and his home in Limete. Some say hundreds of thousands, some tens of thousands. I’ve posted a video of his return below – it looks pretty impressive, although hard to gauge how many people showed up. Interesting to see all the MLC flags on the display and people saying: « MLC and UDPS, we are one party. »

Looks like the MLC has to hurry up and designate a credible candidate, or TshiTshi will take their votes in Kinshasa.

The UDPS’ first ever national congress began today. Let’s see if Ya TshiTshi can unite the party.

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