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Updates: CENI, army ranks and remembering LDK

A few stories of interest:

  • The national assembly has finally approved the composition of the new electoral commission (CENI). It will be composed of Ngoy Mulunda, Flavien Misoni, Elisée Nkoy and Matthieu Mpita for the majority AMP; and Jacques Ndjoli, Laurent Ndaye and Carole Kabanga for the opposition. They will now consensually elect a new president to replace Abbé Malu Malu.
  • I have posted the long list (several thousand) of officers who were recently promoted here. I have not gone through it too rigorously, but (unlike I had previously reported) notorious human rights offenders like Col. Gwigwi, Col. Zimurinda and Col. Ngaruye have all been confirmed as colonels; the commander of the troops who recently sacked Fizi and raped women there, Kibibi Mutware, was confirmed at Lt. Col.
  • Sunday was the tenth anniversary of the assassination of President Laurent-Desiré Kabila. Whatever one may think of him – he was a bombastic but erratic visionary, committed to military solutions even when these were no longer feasible – he was a gifted speaker. Here are some clips:
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