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Updates on the electoral process

I will be updating my posting from Friday on electoral troubles as stories come in. So you can keep checking back to that posting for a summary of all stories from various new sites (mostly Radio Okapi for now).

Plus, according to people who attended election commissioner Mulunda Ngoy’s talk in Washington, DC this week, here are the figures of how many people have been registered so far (h/t Monique):

– CENI’s goal is to register 12 million more by mid-July.

– In Kinshasa, CENI’s goal is to register 3.5 million voters (registration has not yet begun there.)
– CENI has reached its goal to register 1.4 million in Bas-Congo.
– Goal of 3.5 mil in Bandundu (at 1.6 mil now)
– Goal of 3.5 mil in Equateur (at 1.7 now)
– Goal of 3.9 mil in Orientale (at 1.17 now)
– Goal of 2.9 mil in N Kivu (at 1.3 now with 0 registrations in Walikale due to security concerns and lack of infrastructure)
– Goal of 2 mil in S Kivu (at 968,000 now)
– Goal of 759,000 in Maniema (at 874,000 now)
– Goal of 4.2 mil in Katanga (at 3.2 mil now with registration open until June 9)
– Goal of 2,4 million in Kasai Oriental (at 1,579,598 according to Okapi)
– Kasai Occidental?

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