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Supreme Court passes verdict on legislative vote

The Congolese Supreme Court issued a verdict on some of the legislative election disputes yesterday. I have posted a list of the decisions here. In general, the court went against some weighty interests, including by invalidating the two brothers of election commissioner Ngoy Mulunda (other members of the presidential majority took their places), as well as heavyweights like Jean-Jacques Mutuale (MLC), Anzuluni Bembe (opposition, former Mobutu strongman), Colette Tshomba (former deputy minister), Jean-Claude Baende (majority, governor of Equateur) and Jerome Kamate (opposition, former deputy minister).

The list comprises 32 invalidations of elected MPs; most of the disputes were among members of the ruling coalition. If I am counting correctly, three opposition MPs lost their seats to the ruling coalition, while the opposite does not seem to have occurred.

At the same time, the Supreme Court called for the remaining results from the rest of the country to be released, reversing the election commission’s cancellation of the legislative vote everywhere except for Masisi, where a new vote will need to be held.

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